BIRDS & BUBBLY :: Monday, December 7th

This is a love story.

Fried Chicken & Champagne come from opposite sides of the tracks. He maintains a workingman's existence without much respect, keeping company with the humble Potatoes and lumpy Gravies of the world. She lives in permanent luxury; pampered bordering on spoiled, only rubbing elbows with the international elite: Messieurs Escargot, Prosciutto, Caviar.

But there is something that draws them to each other, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes all their obvious differences seem like reasons they were made for each other. It melts away the disparity of wealth, eliminates the cultural divide. It allows her to look past his greasy appearance, him to see through her air of pretension. And once they do, there is nothing more perfect than the balance of his spicy saltiness and her crisp effervescence.

They belong together, and who are we to say otherwise?

We've been toying with the idea for a Fried Chicken & Champagne dinner for a good long while, and on Monday, December 7th it's finally happening. In the interest of variety, the food menu will be built around the entire poultry family. And in the interest of economy, the drink pairings will feature 3 real-deal Champagnes and a couple of sparkling cocktails. 

Give us a holler to book seats. 216.298.9090.