SOHO is a bit of a study in contradictions.

It's a southern restaurant located up north, run by a gal with an African studies degree and a guy who majored in English Lit. Neither ever pictured themselves owning a restaurant, nor can they imagine anything else they'd rather do.

The kitchen crew started out more versed in paninis and burgers than pimento dip or Frogamore stew. The service team didn't know how to make a proper Sazerac. No one had ever been to a Derby party. But through some study, practice, passion and pride they've all become our specialties. 

It's located in Ohio City, a little restaurant swimming strong in a sea of bars, pubs and breweries. It's a 65-seater that has no desire to get bigger, expand, or franchise the concept across the Midwest. It values being friendly and earnest over turning and burning. It's usually playing Otis, Ray and Johnny Cash, but a few times a year it parties 'til the wee hours with a bumpin' DJ dance party. It's on the fence about Saturday Brunch, but definitely loves Sunday Brunch.

It shouldn't make sense, but it all does ... 

Because everyone loves fried chicken and whiskey.